Opening and Closing Ranks

Opening and closing JEE (Advanced) ranks for admission to various academic programs of IITs/ISM for the years 2014 and 2013 is given here. This can give a general idea about the admission pattern in IITs/ISM.  Similar data for NITs-IIITs-OtherGFTIs for year admission in 2014 can be viewed at  the CSAB site.  

Candidates should not rely on these data alone to make their final decisions for admission in 2015. Information about the programs (available in the JoSAA portal), and consultation with students and faculty familiar with the programs may help to make appropriate choices.

How to view the list

  • Use various options below to display a filtered list on the right.
  • Ranks displayed against the programs are applicable only for the chosen year.
  • Opening and closing ranks for 2015 may differ from those in 2013 or 2014.
  • "Category Rank" filters courses with the closing rank greater than or equal to the input rank (meaning programs where a person with that rank could have been placed).
  • "Course Name Keywords" filters programs containing the input word(s) in their title.